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Smart Advanced Coating (SMAC)
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WORKSHOP "Smart Advanced Coating (SMAC)"

Surfaces and interfaces are the communication paths between environment or operating conditions and devices (MEMs, NEMs, biomedical instruments, optics, energy storage elements, solar cells...). Innovative coatings use this interface and help to create added value with intelligent functionalities. These coatings make, for example, use of tailored carriers (inorganic or organic) containing active species or sensors dispersed in electrolytic baths and to be electrochemically co-deposited or passivated with a metallic matrix. The concept of these composite smart coatings are multi-phase films which incorporates those tailored nano- or micro-sized carriers into the metallic matrix in order to generate a surface with pre-defined properties that make them sense and respond to environmental and other external stimuli. Therefore colloidal electrodeposition/anodizing is envisioned as a novel technique for creating self-adaptive coatings.

To discuss new concepts we invite you to participate in an upcoming workshop. The workshop is intended for representatives from in­dustry and academia and will address the next generation of smart galvanic coatings from a scientific perspective and will give room for the discussion of opportunities for industrial implementation.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 from 14:00 to 17:00

Empa-Akademie, Dübendorf.


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Introduction and Welcome Address
Dr. Patrik Schmutz, Empa

Galvanic composites: the way towards smart coatings
Prof. Anna Igual Munoz, EPFL

Presentation „Innovative Surfaces“ / NTN-Network and its innovation clusters
Dr. Jörg Güttinger, Association NTN Innovative Surfaces

State of the art in composite electroless nickel coatings
Dr. Gael Osowiecki, Atela SA

3D printed smart-coatings, a novel approach to Lab-on-a-Chip fabrication
Dr. Giorgio Ercolano, Cytosurge AG

Electrochemical surface reactivity characterization at the micro and nanoscale
Dr. Patrik Schmutz, Empa

End of the Workshop / Questions
Dr. Patrik Schmutz

Prof. Anna Igual Munoz
Dr. Jörg Güttinger


Location Empa, Überlandstrasse 129, Dübendorf

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