Community Leadership

The NTN is a technology community leader providing networking and collaboration opportunities to help companies succeed in their technology business. Operating at the interface between industry and knowlege institutions, the NTN's role is twofold:

  • to support the industry in sparking innovation by using research results as well as state of the art technologies and
  • to help optimizing the business application of scientific research with commercial potential.

Get inspired by new ideas and use the unparalleled NTN's innovation platforms as a hub for developing partnerships with top tier technology partners

Events and Sector Networks

Introducing you to relevant people and research initiatives is a cornerstone of NTN's activities. Our ongoing events will provide you an overview of who-is-who in specific sectors and research disciplines. Members, friends and promoters get regular invitations to matchmaking events, improved knowledge-sharing and access to sector-specific networks.


Academic and industry experts set out the state of the art and share the latest findings of cutting-edge research with participants. NTN seminars are open to practitioners, industry experts and researchers and generate momentum for your innovation ideas.

Innovation Platforms

Innovation arises when people connect with each other and form communities to solve a particular problem, or create a new product or service. The NTN innovation platforms enable innovation by providing a common workspace where practitioners, experts, and academic researchers can capture and share ideas.

Characterisation and Simulation Platform

The implementation of new technologies requires state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, methods and the appropriate characterisation knowledge.

Computer simulations are indispensible for avoiding trial-and-error loops in the process of component development, for depic-ting complex load scenarios or for predicting the behavior of materials and components or those that are currently under development.


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