NTN Innovative Surfaces™

Surfaces and interfaces are among the strongest growing areas of research in science, engineering and biology. These provide an excellent foundation for the development of superior products and technologies.

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The National Thematic knowledge and technology transfer Network (NTN) Innovative Surfaces is the leading network in Switzerland for targeted and performance-oriented Knowledge & Technology Transfer (KTT) between public research institutions and companies seeking innovative surface technologies and collaborations to stimulate competitiveness and value creation. learn more

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Reasons to participate

Participants profit from first-hand opportunities to identify and exchange knowledge, to share new project ideas and to partner among industry and academia.

Innovation Platforms (IPLs)

Our IPLs offer a multi-disciplinary exchange for the exploration of cutting edge technology across various industry sectors through workshops and interactive group processes. At present, the following IPLs are up and running:

  • Innovation Platform “Functional Interfaces IPL FI” learn more
  • Innovation Platform “Antimicrobial Surfaces IPL AmS” learn more
  • Innovation Platform “Smart Systems IPL SmS” learn more
  • Innovation Platform “Praxiszirkel Hard Coatings IPL PZHC” learn more 


NTN Innovative Surfaces is the main organizer of the
Biointerfaces International 2016, Zurich conference learn more.


Spotlights on the NTN Community

Pitches & Success Stories

Flow Chemistry

The pharmaceutical industry is looking for ways to continuously produce in modular factories around the clock. However, some processes of "Flow Chemistry" falter yet. → read more


Expert Stories

Innovation Platform Functional Interfaces IPL FI

Following the platform 2015 workshop series, a group of several pharmaceutical and chemical companies with common pre-competitive technological R&D issues, form now an interdisciplinary R&D-consortia to further explore the use of nanotechnologies in surfaces of microreactors→ read more

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