The lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres of production systems are blurring. Surface technologies are key for future value chains.

The NTN is a technology community leader providing innovation-inducing networking and collaboration opportunities that make a difference.

With our network activities we
provide overviews on emerging future surface technologies
spark innovation by supporting the identification and alining of complementary resources and mutual objectives to pursuing opportunities and new prospects with network activities.

Our interactive events and professionally moderated innovation platforms are open to all interested practitioners, industry experts and researchers from both, the industry and academia.
– Updates on the latest in the field of innovative surfaces
– Early views on thematically focused academic research findings
– Impact analysis of emergent technologies on business and industries
– Focus on discussions and expert contributions.

Drive your topics of interest by proposing new work items for innovation platforms and benefit from the NTN’s pool of industry knowledge and expertise.

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