Materials IQ Workshop: «Novelties in wetting: wettability, anti-icing, a never ending story?»

24.06.2024 till 24.06.2024 | Empa, Feuerwerkerstrasse 39, 3602 Thun

Remarkable progress has been made in surface wettability & icephobicity. However, it remains a challenge to preserve the efficiency of this functio-nalization in the long term. Promising designs require a good understand-ding of the interfacial dynamics between water and substrate. Nature provides us with valuable inspiration for this. Overall, the durability of surfaces with special functionalities in nature is a result of their intricate structural designs, material properties, and adaptation to environmental challenges through the process of evolution.

Our experts address the state of the art and and it’s growing application in the e-mobility, aerospace, energy generation & transmission sectors as well as in various high-tech products.


General assembly 2024 Association NTN Innovative Surfaces (everyone is welcome)
Dr. Andreas Hafner, NTN Innovative Surfaces

Dr. Jörg Güttinger, NTN Innovative Surfaces


Workshop welcome
Prof. Dr. Patrik Hoffmann, Empa


Lessons from Nature: Bioinspired Mechanically Durable and
healing Superliquiphilic/phobic Surfaces
Prof. Bharat Bhushan PhD, The Ohio State University


Structured or slippery flat surfaces – which way to go?
Prof. Dr. Patrik Hofmann, Empa


Labtour: “Advanced Materials Processing Lab, Empa“ (2-3 groups)


Effect of micro-texturing on the wettability of tribological surfaces
Markus Varga, AC2T research GmbH


Laser generated nanostructures inspired by nature
Prof. Dr. Rainer Kling, Berner Fachhochschule


Concluding remarks followed by apéro

Date: Montag, 24. Juni 2024, 13.45  –  17.00 Uhr

Place: Empa, Feuerwerkerstrasse 39, 3602 Thun

Costs: Members association NTN Innovative Surfaces free of charge
Non-members CHF 90.-, excl. Mwst.
Cancellation fee after 18 June 2024  CHF 40.-, excl. Mwst.

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