Annual Event 2023: Roundtables & Plenum Talks to «Ultrathin Coatings & 2D-Materials»

25.10.2023 | HTA-Freiburg / HEIA-Fribourg Boulevard de Pérolles 80, CH-1700 Fribourg

Wednesday 25 October 2023, 10.30 h – 16.30 h
HTA-Freiburg / HEIA-Fribourg, Boulevard de Pérolles 80, CH-1700 Fribourg

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In recent decades, thin-film technology has made important contributions to high-performance manufacturing processes, electronics, photonics and life sciences, as well as to the transition from fossil to renewable energies. Due to their unique properties, 2D-materials have been repeatedly cited as «materials of the future» for ultrathin coatings. However, their integration into mass production processes raises several challenges. The annual event will bring exciting presentations on the latest developments in the world of ultrathin functional coatings and the integration of 2D-materials.

A day full of showcases & exchange of ideas

Showcases & best practices from NTN members, Technology impulses on the state of the art, Networking and Foyer-Exhibition

Morning program – Roundtables

Atmospheric plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of anti-corrosive coatings
Klaus Kresser, Plasmatreat Schweiz AG
Optimierung von galvanischen Schichten mit AAACOAT/ Sol-Gel
Roman Fuchs, FME GmbH
How Atomic Force Microscopy can help research, development and quality control on ultrathin coatings and 2D materials
Marco Portalupi, Nanosurf AG
Polymeric 2D-aided 2D Materials
Sina Göhl, Susos AG
Vom Federkiel zur Nanolithographie (2 und 2½D precision metrology)
Dietmar Bertsch, OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule
Tribological considerations for ultra thin coatings and 2D materials: facing functionality and durability
Anna Igual-Munoz, EPFLausanne

Afternoonprogram – Plenum talks

13.00Welcome and introduction
Andreas Hafner, Jörg Güttinger, NTN Innovative Surfaces
Low Dimensional Materials: Challenges and Opportunities
Michel Calame, Empa, University of Basel
Fabrication of next generation electronics with nanomaterials
Natanael Lanz, Chiral Nano AG
Solution processing of 2D material inks into thin conductive coatings
Jakob Heier, Empa
14.30Coffee Break
15.00Random networks created by plasma, e-beam or UV: when chaos meets functionality
Sonja Neuhaus, FHNW
Nanocoatings by atmospheric atomic layer deposition for energy applications
Jan Gebers, BASF Schweiz AG
    From Nanometer to Micrometer thin Films, or how to combine ALD and PVD to improve coating performance
Carlos Guerra, Swiss Cluster AG

Fee for participation:
Members NTN Innovative Surfaces CHF 60.-, non-members CHF 90.- (excl. VAT).
Cancellation policy:
Administrative fee CHF 30.-, substitutes accepted.

Foyer Exhibition

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